Outside the Ladies Changing Room

I wondered what I would write about in my first proper blogs; whether to write from the guide dog puppy’s perspective; my life story;the deep meaningful things in life; to have a great philosophical or theological debate; where’s the best place to buy a hot chocolate (not that I ever drink the stuff); but infact I am a bit of a people watcher! Today was a classic, I waited outside the ladies lingerie trying on rooms for a friend and decided that people fall into various categories!
First there are the men who are waiting outside for their partners! A red-faced man, his face almost covered by The Sun he is supposedly engrossed in. Another sits, desperately avoiding eye contact, while somehow tutting and constantly looking at his watch while crossing and re-crossing his legs- who said men can’t multi-task?
Another stands leaning sardonically against the wall while almost chatting up the assistant! The last is a young man nodding his head with his ears fully plugged in, and his foot tapping out a beat! Multi-tasking is happening again as his foot moves faster than his head! He is the first to move, arm round his girl admiring the shocking pink underwear she is buying!
It was time to leave, and I went almost reluctantly wondering how the scene would continue to evolve! So even a ladies fitting room has a story to tell!


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