The Courgette Saga

Have you ever used online shopping for your groceries?  I’ve tried it in the past but when half the stuff is missing or they have substituted a veggie quiche for a meat one in a house where 2 of us are non meat eaters, it gets to be very trying! Not only that we had eggs that were broken and a bottle of wine that arrived smashed! I decided at that point it was better to go shopping myself and that at least if I broke a bottle of wine it would be my own fault.

Anyway times change and progress happens, so I decided to brave the service again. The app was very easy to follow and everything went smoothly. When the goods arrived they were just as ordered except I thought I had ordered 1 bunch of bananas 🍌 and was a a bit surprised there was literally one banana! A learning curve I thought and since then things have worked well until this week! 

Some ingredients are in weight and some are numbered per items i.e. 3 peppers or a bag of mixed peppers for instance! A funny thing happened last week because I ordered 4 baking potatoes 🥔 and couldn’t believe the massive sized potatoes 🥔 that arrived.  One potato 🥔 was big enough for a Jack and the Beanstalk Giant! We had to divide them into 2 and that was still plenty.

The saga this week involved ordering 4 individual courgettes as well as the usual groceries. This morning everything  arrived and we started to unpack pleased again with the quality and the fact everything we had ordered was there. But then…….. I looked and there was not one courgette, not two or even the four I ordered but instead I picked up 4 packs of 3 courgettes in each pack making a total of 12,   I’m not sure I will ever live it down and it will be remembered as the defining moment of my online food shopping experience as having a courgette moment! 

So I am now left with a need to deliver courgette based meals to my family – roasted, stringy, stewed, curried, baked- my daughter has already informed me that courgettes are not a favourite so the next week will be interesting and the tortoise Gwin will receive a courgette feast! 

Well I have learnt if you don’t want an overdose of any one item check whether it’s per bag or per item and don’t be like me and have a courgette moment! 

Adventure In the Car Park

What an evening! Amy and I leave work from doing telephone support at about 9:20pm having arranged to meet Ben at a local shopping centre so that the 3 of us can go to Nando’s to eat quickly before going home. RIchard missed out on this adventure being in Glasgow on business.

We arrive and having sat down wait for Ben to come, when suddenly  the door bursts open and Ben rushes in speaking incredibly fast; something about his car, locks and keys. Leaving Amy to order I rush with him to the car all the while trying to make sense of what he is repeating each time faster than before! Eventually I could see that he could only open the door manually and then the key wouldn’t fit into the ignition. We tried everything and in the end Ben left to go home and get his spare key in case that might be the solution!

Can’t say by now I was very impressed putting it mildly, but decided that hopefully this will be a learning experience for him and he will go for the cheaper option next time of buying roadside assistance before he actually needs it.  Anyway I go back to Nando’s and we wait for both the food and Ben. The food arrives first and I look down at the least amount of chips I have ever seen! When I query this I’m told that “yes it is very poor” and the man goes off smiling! When Ben eventually arrives to eat they bring his food with a huge pile of chips! What was that about? 

The keys didn’t make a difference so I returned Amy home while Ben contacted Tesco to sort out road assistance.  I got back to Ben’s car to find him still on the phone with Tesco giving him a number who then said they had nothing to do with Tesco! Then they gave him another number which turned out to be another Tesco number and so the saga continued! Eventually we gave up and Ben phoned the RAC and joined them with no issues except for it costing him 3x the amount it would have cost if he had joined at his leisure.   The only reason we went to Tesco was because when he got his car insurance they said they could do roadside assistance, but I don’t think we will ever know whether they do or don’t.

We now had to wait for the RAC who said it would take 80 minutes for them to come. The next part of this drama was going to Macdonalds to buy a coffee and apple pie at the drive through,  in my car.  I guess nothing was going to be straightforward but when we pulled up and tried to order we were told that the machines were re-calibrating and we would have to wait ten minutes. I have never heard someone sound so disappointed when I said we would wait as after all 10 minutes was nothing compared to 80 minutes! In the end we went in and waited for the machines to finish! At least we were in the warm.

Back in the car park next to Ben’s car we settled down for a long wait, but were very impressed to see the van arrive and within 10 minutes the RAC man raised his arms gave a big smile and shouted “We have lift off!”   I did wonder for a fleeting moment if Ben’s car was about to fly into the sky and at about 1 in the morning nothing would have surprised me! 

I must admit I was very pleased to get home as this was supposed to have been a quick cheapish meal at Nando’s to save time, but instead turned out to be a very long expensive occasion! I only gained a little comfort from the fact the expense wasn’t mine.