Missing the Marvellous

I’ve had plenty of time to think recently -I guess we all have! This lockdown makes one truly realise ‘the Marvellous’ in our previous life of freedom.

The obvious things like Coffee Shops, Food shops, cinema, theatre, pubs, church, parks, beaches and of course this is all the result of freedom of movement! It is truly marvellous to have such freedom.

Yes without doubt it is truly tragic the lives that have been lost and the families that are grieving; it is horrendous, and a lot of support is and will be needed …

Yet even in this current locked down or locked in state one can still see ‘the marvellous’ in all those heroes who are risking their lives in whatever way they can to help the hospital staff, police, soldiers, delivery 🚚 men/women and shop staff and so many more.

Finally spiritually one can see ‘the marvellous’ in our beautiful world, and in the opportunity to seek after God and develop and deepen a relationship with him.

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