A View from the Good Side

Mrs Do As You Would Be Done by! This lady appears in the book called The Water Babies! I actually can’t remember much about the story apart from Tom who meets and experiences the effects of this lady.

Another book I loved was about a girl Pollyanna who tried to see the good in everything and everyone however bad the situation was.

Some people would say these sort of people aren’t real or are the lucky few who never experience any real difficulties in life; because if they did they would moan or grumble like everyone else.

I beg to differ.

I have met people who hardly ever grumble even when life treats them harshly, yet they always manage to tell you their needs – I have so much to learn from these folk.

My grumble free Year is about to start and to stop you all grumbling that that’s all I talk about, I will only every so often post about what is happening in my ‘grumble free year!’

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