Strange things happened when I tried Zumba the other night. I’ve always been fairly well co-ordinated but for some strange reason my legs and arms didn’t seem to know what they were doing and certainly didn’t want to copy the instructors neat moves, of which there were many. Sometimes one leg seemed to get the idea, sometimes both, but add an arm or two and the effect was rather like the movement a drunken spider might make! And to be honest I might have had eight legs for all the difference it made.

Zumba is officially an aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed to Latin American Dance Music. The noun Zumba is a 21st century word that has been invented, and it makes a lovely sounding word I think.

Sometimes to be fair the legs did what they should and I started to get a real sense of achievement, but at other points, by the time I had mastered one set of movements the instructor was at least 6 moves ahead. One good thing is that because it is so fast everyone is also concentrating and therefore the fact that my legs and arms are moving in their own way and in their own time it is probably not so noticeable

One of the worst most embarrassing moments is when I find myself facing someone because I’ve turned a different way to everyone else; or when I do a full circle and realise everyone turned to their right; the instructor turned to her right but somehow I turned to my left!

Things have improved slightly over the few weeks I’ve been going there but in every session somehow or other I move a different way to the rest and my legs and arms continue to disown me and do their own thing at times.

Zumba is fun; Zumba is great exercise; Zumba is challenging; Zumba is confusing and please remember if you are one of these perfectly coordinated people, to have some pity for the flailing arms and legs and the turns the wrong way, and remember I am still hopeful I will learn how to do Zumba properly before I injure anyone!


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