It started with a haircut…

Went to have our hair cut with a last minute booking! Interesting! The robotic type person in charge, had an unusual appearance with hair that didn’t look like it had been brushed for a while, with odd bits of colour in it and a bit at the back clipped up randomly!  There we were amongst the Halloween stuff and one seat required you to sit below a giant black spider!I did start imagining that if you were spider phobic you might have a problem; as it was only tied up with a thin bit of cord I did wonder if there were any health and safety issues involved- one could see someone saying to a paramedic  “I was knocked out by a giant spider while having my hair cut” (on the 21st of October)!

Well guess who got to cut my hair? – the unusual one who turned out to be very good if a bit random! We had an interesting  chat, though, when she couldn’t find her clip I wasn’t sure whether to remind her of the one in her hair! Neither was I sure that I wanted to share a clip- a reminder from the days of school when you shouldn’t share a comb because of the dreaded nits.

Listening to the music I hear “Your simply the best” and though I wouldn’t go as far as that;  I will ‘more than do’ and so will my hairdresser  and together we will make our own personal sometimes robotic impressions on the world. Or was it being played to get the hairdressers to think they were “the best” – not sure I will ever find that one out!

It was Tesco next; one of their large ones not a small local store! Not only was it Saturday but it was also the first Saturday in half term! The store was full of aggressive “robot” like creatures, who zoomed round the store with smaller versions of themselves ramming their trolleys into anyone or anything that got in their way! At the same time screeching loudly as to how quickly could they send their young ones back to be reprogrammed after next week! Obviously some were there for the purpose intended, but they were looking rather bewildered and commenting as such about the manic robots. I was so glad to get out of the store thankful that I had had the foresight to do an online shop this week.

My daughter and I went shopping in town later, taking Orla our black GSD who is a young Brood Bitch for Guide Dogs.  I love taking her as  the human robots responses are amazing! Some grab their young ones and speedily move away presumably before Orla eats them- and no amount of reassurance that she has never eaten one yet seems to work! Infact they have their heart set on the fact theirs will be the first! Perhaps it is wishful thinking! Then there are those who grab her and say apologetically “I couldn’t help it”. They have obviously been poorly programmed but in reality are they really not in control of their arms?  At the zoo do they grab a lion and their last words are  “I couldn’t help it!” Actually that’s probably why they have the fences to protect the lion from the marauding robots not to protect the robotic creatures from the lions!

Then there are those who smile at her; those who ask to stroke; those who ask questions and those who tell you sad stories about the death of a much loved pet! They are the ones That Orla is most gentle with as though she understands their sadness.

Roll on a week Monday when those robots affected will hopefully return to human form, and in the meantime I will programme Netflix to play lots of old tv series and try to visit places where screaming robots are in the minority;  and where the rest of the human robots young and old are enjoying their precious time together… Those who are  independent, self driven  and free!


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