Final part of the Good/beautiful, the Bad and the Ugly about Corfu (September 2017) part 4

A good bit about Corfu was the friendliness of the people and their ability to make us welcome. Sometimes though their jet black hair, regal noses and thick beards with piercing dark eyes did send a slight shiver of fear down my back, and I was quite sure I wouldn’t want to meet one on my own on a dark night! 

I have to say though that the most beautiful part of Corfu for me was the sea! And I want to finish this Corfu blog describing the fun we had as a family in the warm sea! I think that was what was so amazing as in Britain the sea is never really warm and the only way to bear it a lot of the time is to wear a wetsuit- which to me has never been a relaxing process; starting from trying to pull up a rubbery, non slippery item with the only positive side being, that it immediately makes you want to lose weight! 

Even when in Italy, which is a country I adore the sea was rarely what I would call pleasurably warm! Whereas in Greece it was amazing! For the first couple of days we visited various beaches finding some sandy ones (1st choice) or pebbly ones! The sea seemed to be quite rough on any of these and it was quite difficult infact sometimes impossible to keep standing up. This was fun for quite a while but then  the novelty wore off And I began to think that I must be pretty odd to enjoy being battered by the incredibly rough waves, which actually left me feeling pretty exhausted. To be knocked off one’s feet over and over again does seem a particularly pointless achievement!  It certainly makes one realise how insignificant one is against  such power! 

Then things were resolved, and as is the case so often, the answer lay at our own front door so to speak! The hotel had pools but also its own beach! There the water was warm, calm and so salty it was almost impossible to sink! It was pure bliss and Amy and Ben bought lilos and Ben a snorkel set! We would walk down the steps on the jetty and be in a totally different world! Lying on the Lilo you could look through the clear plastic bubble on it into the sea, with the wonders of different fish and other creatures as well as different plants!  On a side note there is definitely a knack to getting on a lilo while swimming -one I’m sure I will never master. But being creative and standing on the steps placing ones legs either side while shuffling down the steps until the water provided lift off did seem a solution albeit not without risk! Indeed it did have another danger in that the lilo shuffler had to avoid being head banged by the handrails.

One day we went on Pedalos. Ben being Ben was able to dive off his very elegantly leaving Richard to do all the hard work while the biggest part of the adventure for Amy and myself was getting out at the end. This involved Amy getting stuck with one leg in and one out with the pedalo moving and then falling in to the water while the man made a feeble attempt at holding onto the pedalo for me to get out. Fortunately Amy had left her phone in the pedalo so no harm was done except for sore feet as the pedalos’ were moored on a particularly sharp pebbly bit!  Of course the men reversed theirs in and got out in a reasonably proficient way.

Yes it was a very unique and lovely holiday to in many ways a beautiful island with warm friendly people; yet an island that has suffered financial disaster and seems to be fighting to survive! A special place with special people on a special holiday!


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