Corfu part 1 the Waiting and the Arrival

We left England from Heathrow Terminal 5 after having met briefly with my niece and soon to be nephew in law who were catching a plane themselves.

Heathrow was its usual noisy, busy, rushed place with children screeching and parents desperately trying to give the impression of being patient, while secretly wondering why they feel they should fly off to sunny climates every year because that is what is expected, when the children would be equally happy with a week in Bournemouth or some other seaside town! 
On the other hand there are those whose children are having a good day, the parents calm and collected play gentle games with them and everyone around them breathes a sigh of relief that they have this family near them! 

The only thing to mention about the flight was the wind was very strong so we went on a small detour and approached from a different direction.

Our first impression was of warmth both in heat and welcome; this was to the point where our luggage as we got out of the car at the Marbella Hotel was grabbed and taken speedily to the reception area! It was then split into 2 and delivered to the wrong rooms as the sleeping arrangements had been muddled up.  We had beautiful sea views and a fan soon topped up our inadequate air conditioning  (needless to say in their room the young adults had to higher the temperature it was so cold).

Would Corfu live up to our Gerald Durrel dreams of an idyllic haven or would it be totally different?  Read the 2nd part which summarises in a  hopefully humerous way the good the bad and the ugly about Corfu.


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