The Courgette Saga

Have you ever used online shopping for your groceries?  I’ve tried it in the past but when half the stuff is missing or they have substituted a veggie quiche for a meat one in a house where 2 of us are non meat eaters, it gets to be very trying! Not only that we had eggs that were broken and a bottle of wine that arrived smashed! I decided at that point it was better to go shopping myself and that at least if I broke a bottle of wine it would be my own fault.

Anyway times change and progress happens, so I decided to brave the service again. The app was very easy to follow and everything went smoothly. When the goods arrived they were just as ordered except I thought I had ordered 1 bunch of bananas 🍌 and was a a bit surprised there was literally one banana! A learning curve I thought and since then things have worked well until this week! 

Some ingredients are in weight and some are numbered per items i.e. 3 peppers or a bag of mixed peppers for instance! A funny thing happened last week because I ordered 4 baking potatoes 🥔 and couldn’t believe the massive sized potatoes 🥔 that arrived.  One potato 🥔 was big enough for a Jack and the Beanstalk Giant! We had to divide them into 2 and that was still plenty.

The saga this week involved ordering 4 individual courgettes as well as the usual groceries. This morning everything  arrived and we started to unpack pleased again with the quality and the fact everything we had ordered was there. But then…….. I looked and there was not one courgette, not two or even the four I ordered but instead I picked up 4 packs of 3 courgettes in each pack making a total of 12,   I’m not sure I will ever live it down and it will be remembered as the defining moment of my online food shopping experience as having a courgette moment! 

So I am now left with a need to deliver courgette based meals to my family – roasted, stringy, stewed, curried, baked- my daughter has already informed me that courgettes are not a favourite so the next week will be interesting and the tortoise Gwin will receive a courgette feast! 

Well I have learnt if you don’t want an overdose of any one item check whether it’s per bag or per item and don’t be like me and have a courgette moment! 

The Boots that got Stuck

Amy went to Primark a few weeks ago which is always a dangerous move! If I go with her which I didn’t on that occasion I can at least keep the damage to a minimum.  Unfortunately Amy went into Primark while I was in another shop and by the time I saw her it was too late, the damage had been done.

Anyway Amy produced a pair of  brown boots with elastic bits at the top. My first comment apparently was  ” They’ll  tear in a few weeks!”  To be fair they looked quite nice and were very comfortable apparently (Amy’s thoughts); mine were less generous being more bothered about cost, quality and whether they are hard wearing; to be fair, looking nice is also important!

Anyway today we were in M&S where they had a sale on. Amy announced that her brown boots from Primark had broken. The elastic part had torn!  I believe I was very generous spirited and didn’t say “I told you so!” Then Amy found a pair she liked in M&S which were in the 50% off sale.  She produced them when I was at the food part of the shop checkout, and it was at this point I persuaded her to try them on before she handed over her hard earned money. Amy disappeared and I found her in the shoe section pulling rather tightly fitted boots onto her feet. Once on they did indeed look nice and were very comfortable,  and I suggested we went and paid for them.

Amy managed with a little struggle to get the right boot off, but then the problem started! The left boot was not amenable to leaving her foot. Due to her stroke Amy’s left side is less moveable and her foot was not being cooperative! Slowly Amy’s face went more and more red and I could see the panic appearing on her face. The struggle between Amy, her foot and the boot increased and it hit me as being funny that we might have to buy the boots because one couldn’t be removed and I started to laugh as I decided to help pull them off! After much effort they came off and I left Amy who was still saying that she liked them.  When I got to the door Amy caught up and I asked if she had got them?

The response was that the boot had made her panic and I hadn’t helped by laughing which meant she couldn’t take it off!!  So I hate to say it but Primark seems to have won the day as the boots from there have not made me laugh or Amy panic and can still just about be worn.  Better still we had a mum and daughter laugh about it all! One last thought  at least if Amy has a similar problem with a Primark boot there will be no panic as she can easily tear it off!