The Robin

(I wrote this this after talking to a few bereaved clients, who found great comfort in seeing Robins and taking them as a sign that their loved ones had “sent” them.)

Little Robin brown and red

Looks at me as he tips his head,

If what people say is true

Perhaps he brings a message too.

Again he sits upon a hedge

Another time a window ledge,

Another time I hear him sing

Peace to my hurting heart he brings.

For people say he is a sign

Sent by my husband to say he’s fine,

But whether it’s true or an empty hope

His frequent appearances help me cope.

So little Robin brown and red

Come once more and tip your head,

You’ve helped me live now off you fly

It’s time for us to say goodbye.

My pain is less you’ve helped me see

Though griefs still there I’m breaking free,

The future beckons me to come

Thank you Robin your work is done.



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