Night Walk

There is something very special about going out for a walk at night. Tonight was no exception . The night was warm, and apart from a few fishermen there was no one around just Richard, Richie and myself!

No moon and so it was a bit difficult to see in places, but with the aid of a torch app on a phone we managed! A little frog jumped across the path infront of us and another jumped on my foot on its journey towards the lake! I have to admit it made me jump as well.  Unfortunately Richie took a liking to a fisherman’s tent and was breathing heavily just outside with his nose touching the tent. There was obviously some poor unsuspecting fisherman inside as when I went to get Richie I could hear a person  moving around! I hope he didn’t think there was some sort of lake monster or some other creature like the MK Panther waiting to pounce! I took the precaution of attaching Richie’s lead when we came across any other tent like structures.

I did have the thought that Apple are missing out on making their Apple phones with a bright enough torch and then creating a hat that you could place a torch into it. They could even create a cycle helmet with space for the phone and torch.  Another thing would be to have a moving beam light so you could aim it where you were going! You see the possibilities are endless! Apple if you read this please contact me as I have many other ideas and could keep you in novelty features for your phones for a long time to come! 

Now we are back home having managed to creep very quickly down the alleyway, so as to avoid a small dog which rushes out the cat flap and proceeds to bark somewhat territorially so that Richie being a big brave Shepherd moves faster and starts to bark in a rather nervous manner! He is a little wary around some small dogs! Anyway I heard the cat flap so we sped as quietly as we could before the barking started, and on this occasion we won and managed to move to safer ground.

Anyway  enough of my adventures for tonight. So Good night all especially that poor fisherman in his little tent!


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