A Bits and Pieces Garden (Part2)

Date: 5 September 2016

This long term garden in the making has had some successes as well as some less successful ideas. We planted some vegetables including lettuces and spinach. In the pink and purple squares we also planted some peppers and some kale. Unfortunately we didn’t take into account the neighbours cats plus the fact that having a wildlife garden means that all the plant eating insects think the lettuce etc was provided especially for them! To complete their gourmet meal they also ate the peppers and the spinach and kale! We do have 2 sweet potato plants but again the leaves are a bit like string vests.  
On the other hand we planted some hanging cherry tomato plants, which although seemed to have forgotten about the hanging part did produce a large amount of very flavoursome and tender tomatoes. These were put attached to the fence plus strawberries were planted and put on a shelf! This cured the problem of the insects plus the cats but the strawberry plants provided only a minimal supply.
Flowers were much more successful and encouraged ladybirds, butterflies and even a few bees. Four frogs now live in the garden under half a large pipe full of sticks and earth, fronted by some feathery grasses. Two were very small when they arrived but probably enjoy the fact they can have all the insects they want! They lived in some compost for a while but seem more content living under the pipe. I thought they would leave to find a pond but they seem happy with the stone dish of water with a stone in the middle! 

So, as a consequence of such mixed success we are not growing to grow veg but concentrate on flowers and the bits and pieces! Over the months I have visited charity shops plus market stalls and we are slowly gaining some different pieces! 

We picked up this dragon from a stall in the local shopping centre! He sits at his post keeping watch over what goes on! I believe he would have some stories to tell if only he could talk.; maybe of the fairies who live behind the fairy doors, or what the frogs get up to when they visit their favourite places in the garden. My bits and pieces garden is a growing changing place; a place to create and let your imagination run wild and a peaceful place where frogs and other little creatures can live relatively safe from harm! 


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