Blog or not to Blog; to Write today or not today

Sometimes I don’t write my blog for any of a number of reasons!  It could be that I don’t have the time on a particular day but more often than not it is that I can’t decide on a particular subject as too many thoughts are running through my head at one time.

Sometimes it is because I don’t feel like being witty or funny or very intelligent (though of course some of you might be thinking that is an impossibility anyway). That aside if I am going to take blogging or blog scribbling seriously then I need to do it in a disciplined way and write/ blog more regularly.  I believe it will get easier or at least I have been told so, (I must ask them if they have actually ever written a blog!) but we will wait and see……. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating….or in this case …. The result of writing will be in the readers ability not to fall asleep until at least the end of the blog.

Is a blog a diary or is it an analysis of our actions, thoughts and feelings? Is it a made up story in which we set out to impress our reader if we are lucky to have one – I believe I can say a “no” to that one unless we have told our reader we are writing a story, or we are writing about aliens or Giants or something unbelievable like that!  Even then I guess someone might believe it….

Anyway I could continue to analyse and 10 days later still be writing the same blog and my readers could have died of boredom or gone off to do something far more interesting, so, my blog put simply will be ME!!!!  My thoughts, ideas, feelings, hang ups, views, loves, hates, reflecting my life, my knowledge …. It will simply be ME!!!  It may be about other things but it will be my perspective on the subject.

So now since I’ve decided that I can stop blogging till tomorrow and go to bed.





  1. Very interesting and yes it’s hard to begin with but I think it’s good fun and later on its nice to look back at the memories, how far you’ve come, what you did etc. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing you in just over a weeks time 🙂

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