A meaningful week – a more serious than usual look at life!

This week has been a week to remember for many reasons!
First I went to say thank you for the short life of a little girl called Siena! I actually never met her but by the end of the service it was almost as though I had met her, and I was touched by the enthusiasm, energy, joy, love, fun and strength of character that she showed for life as she lived it to the full! She was a beautiful little girl; a part of a family that I have grown to respect, love and admire over the years!

On a totally different note but with a similar theme, I went to puppy class this week and saw many puppies full of fun, enthusiasm; brimming full of energy, and living life for that moment!

It really made me think as to when does it happen that so often we lose that enthusiastic simple joy of life? So often as adults we get bogged down with cares and concerns about tomorrow and what’s going to be happening or has happened; what has to be done and so on! It is so true when we are told we should not worry about tomorrow! (Bible)

Anyway looking out at the beautiful scenery at Siena’s service and walking Davey on his first walks on the ground; the fun he had playing with leaves; made me see again how much we need to feel and live in today!

With this new/ or perhaps not so new philosophy in mind I went to a firework display with the family last night! It was brilliant and I lived in that moment enjoying every bang, flash, whizz, colour, blend of colours; the bonfire; the fact it wasn’t too cold and the fact I was with my family who I love.

I hope I can try from now on to live more in the now and to enjoy “being” in the present.


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