A Beautiful Morning with Dream

A beautiful sunny morning. Time is 7:10 and the venue a park in MK. A puppy walker mum and her puppy Dream walk along the bridle paths enjoying the beautiful bluebells and cowslips. The dew is wet on the ground and a couple of ducks can be seen hunting for their breakfast. Away from the main paths with the people rushing around their daily business it is easy to imagine you are all alone!
Dream runs around sniffing at all the interesting scents, and running into the bushes appearing with her beautiful eyebrows with big eyes peering round to catch a sight of her pw mum! Content that she is safe Dream returns to her meanderings sniffing out what has been happening in her world around her.
Both agree it is a beautiful morning, and with a tinge of reluctance return to their car ready to face their day.


Abundant Froth

I had ordered my skinny slightly more healthy Cappucino and the froth had begun to sink! The kind assistant poured a little more in to top it up! I said “thanks and the froth does tend to sink doesn’t it?” The next think I knew an espresso cup of froth was put on my tray to top it up with!
I sat down and lo and behold another espresso cup arrived with more froth shortly followed by a small jug of the same!
By this time rather puzzled when the next jug arrived I asked to what did I owe this generosity? The assistant said “you complained that we never give out enough froth!”
Even now I am not sure where that came from? I did explain what I had actually said but I am not sure she believed me! I will be known for ever as the rather frothy lady!